Small Business Using Video Right for Promotion

Video is everywhere. Youtube, Vimeo and Vevo have made sure we can all channel our inner Spielberg. Unfortunately most of us aren’t unleashing the next Jurassic Park or Lincoln. In fact the vast majority of videos on the web are shot from web cams and posted with little to no editing at all.  So how do you go about promoting right with video?  Rather than get into a lengthy post about advertising theory, we thought we would just show a few examples of promotion done right.

We came across a couple of local videos that caught our attention. With the abundance of online tools and inexpensive video editing software, it’s no wonder that the quality of videos has improved so much. What is frequently missing from endeavors into the promotion space by local companies is the quality of the message. Sure, the now infamous Youtube video from the Savannah Ga. lawyer Jaime Casino is an amazingly engaging spot that no one saw coming.  But this is kind of the exception to the rule.  With the proliferation of final cut and sparkol videos we have not been surprised to see the bar raising some.   Check out a couple of our recent finds that show what is possible for the small or local business using these types of tools.

The Laundry Shoppe

When you think of exciting you don’t generally think of laundry. We were surprised to see the Laundry Shoppe take this benign subject to a new level. While most of the videos are for products they have a consistency of quality and aesthetic that closely mirrors the site and the eco friendly nature of many of the products they sell.  I felt like they lived and breathed laundry after I watched a couple of these videos.  One video for a product called Smelly Laundry Cleaner had me deciding that even though I don’t have a smelly washer  I should probably get some right away so I don’t.

Another video this time for something called for Yoreganics Soap Nuts, (yes I didn’t know what they were either until I watched this) had me wanting to get my laundry in touch with nature. But now I know they are natural and reusable! Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but the point is this is normally a pretty boring subject and Laundry Shoppe has done a fine job presenting the merchandise without famous actors or shock value content.

This New Mexico search engine optimization company gets high marks for it’s videos. The messaging hits right to a specific customer. Someone that has been struggling with their business. The production value is pretty strong as well. We think they used online tools to make these vids but the execution is well done.  Witness how the customer is left feeling they could excel if they were associated with this company.


The day to day of promoting a business can be tedious and unrewarding but getting this right can mean you connect with your customers on a level that few of us can claim.


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